Harmonizing the Methodology for Research on IP for SMEs

    World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) would like to consider the development of a toolkit with a harmonized/standardized methodology in order to support services on IP for SMEs.   It is hoped that the proposed methodology would enable national situations to be compared horizontally and vertically, that is, amongst countries and over time in a country.   Such comparisons would enable both developed and developing countries to better adjust their policies, institutions and practices to better serve the IP needs of SMEs. This idea of a harmonized/standardized methodology has its origin in a recently approved project under the Development Agenda process of the WIPO, which is entitled “Improvement of National, Sub‑Regional and Regional IP Institutional and User Capacity”. To develop a harmonized/standardized methodology, the SMEs Division of the WIPO would like to have a more complete picture of the researchers and institutions involved in (or previously involved in) studies and surveys on the use of IP by SMEs. t is proposed to collaborate with interested researchers through a Wiki hosted by the WIPO SMEs website or by a credible partner willing to take on this responsibility. To facilitate the creation of the Wiki, the SMEs Division has created a document: “The Use of Intellectual Property by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.”  Amongst other things, this document identifies and provides basic details of some of the most relevant studies that the SMEs Division is aware of.

Source: WIPO

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