International Trademark Registrations Top One Million

international trademarkThe number of international trademark registrations topped the one million mark when Austrian “eco” company Grune Erde, which specializes in natural wood, textile and cosmetic products, registered its mark this month under the WIPO-administered Madrid system for the international registration of marks.

Trademark registrations often mirror evolving consumer tastes as companies work to strengthen their market position. In this case, the millionth trademark registration is a “green” brand, reflecting a growing environmental awareness among the general public and the business community.

Grüne Erde founder and Managing Director Reinhard Kepplinger said the company is “delighted” to be registered as the millionth international trademark. Kepplinger added that Grüne Erde, which employs more than 300 people, is tangible proof that “it is possible to create an ecologically-aware company that is highly successful within the marketplace.” The company produces and sells a range of some 5000 products made from natural materials including furniture, textiles and cosmetics.


“Trademarks are signs capable of distinguishing goods or services of one person from the ones of other persons and can be graphically represented”. This is the trademark definition according to the Bulgarian Law on trademarks and geographical indications.

In business circles trademarks are also known as “brand” or “brand name”.

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