innovationIntellectual property portal IP Bulgaria presents an innovative project that has been launched to increase the general knowledge of the audience about topics such as business management, innovation and value creation processes.

Az Upravlyavam (‘I manage’, is an internet web site about the meaning of the innovations and their contribution to the business and the society. Its mission is to demostrate the direct link between high living standard and value creation through innovation.

In the site we can read some of the knowledge created by the world leading academic and professional organisations in the field of innovation management. There is the key for successful creation of added value for the society and the business and it cannot happen without the capacity to manage. ‘Az Upravlyavam’ aims at creating more favourable environment for developing skills related to innovation management in order to see more often how good ideas become reality.

The author of Az Upravlyavam is Mitko Tsonev – master in Innovation management at ESC Rennes School of Business. With experience in project management in companies like PSA Peugeot Citroën and Airbus he was involved in the development of new processes and services in Bulgaria, France and the Netherlands.