IP Bulgaria and World IP Day 2015

world IP dayOn the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, which this year is dedicated to the theme of music („Get up, stand up. For music“), the national portal for intellectual property IP Bulgaria held a series of interviews on topics related to intellectual property and copyright. Musician, photographer, author of novels, choreographer and author of innovation management website shared their views on the practical application of IP and the challenges for artists in Bulgaria, as well as their experience with copyright.

We talked to:

Rado Mihov, musician and singer, became famous from the show „Bulgaria’s Got Talent“, author of serious pop and rock songs. Rado shared with us his impressions of Bulgarian organizations for collective management of rights and told us more about himself.

Rosen Aleksandrov, fashion photographer from Veliko Tarnovo. Rosen told us about the challenges in photo shooting in Bulgaria, about the practice of compliance (non-compliance) with copyright and what photography means for him.

Veronika Deneva, young and exceptionally talented author of novels. Veronica shared her experience so far with copyright remunaterion contracts  and also talked about the practice of online distribution of books and publishing industry as a whole.

Mitko Tsonev, author of innovation management website. He is dealing with the management of information flows of 3 projects in Germany. Mitko presented his point of view why intellectual property management is essential and how he sees the development of the discipline in Bulgaria.

Zoritsa Radlovska, choreographer and coach of one of the most successful dance clubs in Bulgaria. We talked with Zoritsa about creativity in dance art, music and unauthorized copying of choreographies as part of the competition between clubs.

Tereza Trencheva Associate Professor PhD at State University of library studies and information techlologies. Vice President of University youth academy Knowledge Management.