IIPA Statement on USTR’s Decisions in its 2009 Special 301 Review Affecting Copyright Protection and Enforcement Around the World

For Immediate Release

China and Russia remain major concerns for the copyright industries

Canada and Indonesia elevated to the Priority Watch List

Washington — Today the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), a coalition of seven trade associations representing the copyright-based industries, welcomed the decisions announced by U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk in USTR’s annual Special 301 report.

Eric H. Smith of the IIPA made the following statement in response to the release of USTR’s 2009 Special 301 report:

„Special 301 is a critical tool by which the U.S. government has been able to secure improved copyright protection and enforcement as well as fair and equitable market access with our trading partners. While it is important and appropriate to recognize progress made by countries, it is equally essential to identify and highlight those countries that fail to make significant progress to strengthen copyright law or enforcement mechanisms. We look forward to working closely with the new Administration, including Ambassador Kirk, Secretary of Commerce Locke, Secretary of State Clinton and their staffs in a combined effort to secure the adequate and effective copyright protection and enforcement mandated by Congress in our trade laws.“

„IIPA and its members applaud Ambassador Kirk’s commitment to use ‘all the tools in the toolbox’ with our trading partners to support and grow the creative industries. Committed and effective action by government is essential to stemming the massive global theft of U.S. copyrighted works in physical form and on the Internet. Global piracy causes significant economic losses to our country, undermining copyright-based industries that contribute significantly to U.S. economic growth and domestic employment and greatly impairing these companies’ abilities to continue to create and export signature American products.“

IIPA’s release contains more information on China, Russia, Canada, Indonesia and South Korea, and the importance of controlling piracy.


Eric H. Smith


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